Fone Phone Crypto Mining

Fone Phone Crypto Mining

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Free Crypto: 1,000 FONE
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  • Fone is a live, valid crypto coin on the Solana Network
  • After earning the minimum amount needed to cash-out, you can withdrawal and actually use it!
  • You can stake your Fone to earn additional interest each month, increasing your rate of earning.


  • The app does offer ads/opportunities to spend money to increase Fone holdings.

Fone is an ever evolving project. This is its third evolution that I've seen in the years I've been watching the project. Fone is a real, live crypto that can be bought and sold on the Solana network.

My only concern with this app is that the value of Fone seems to be declining by default, even when other cryptos seem to be more flat. Use caution and do your own research to determine whether this app is a good option for you.